Why Employers Should Get Excited About Gen Z

July 21, 2020

Why are we excited about Gen Z?

The most educated and technology-savvy group ever to seek employment is emerging in the workforce. From being taught how to type without looking in elementary school to completing entire years of university at home on their laptop, Gen Z is fluent in everything technology. While working virtually will be new for many businesses, it is second nature to the Gen Z graduates. Having been born in the internet and social media era, this new wave of talent consists of digital natives who are comfortable integrating virtual and in-person experiences.

Why they are uniquely positioned to excel in today’s workplace:

Compared to the slightly older millennials, this latest crop of workers has some important differences for employers to consider. Gen Z was raised in a very different economic and political climate than Millenials and view success as a lifelong endeavor. Confident of their ability to contribute, they seek workplace engagement that encourages collaboration. Employers who can provide opportunities for continual learning and career growth  will be first to attract this fresh cohort of doers.

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