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Our Clients benefit from an efficient recruitment process that aligns their unique business needs with today’s talent. We act as an extension of your hiring team to connect your organization with the best and brightest.

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It's time for a new recruiting game

Upwardly disrupts how the next generation of talent is being identified, assessed, engaged and hired.

It’s time to advocate for the skills that Next-Gen talent brings to companies - as employees, consumers, shareholders, and social advocates.

Our sole mandate is to position this generation of talent in career roles that allow them to put down roots in our local economy and seed our future growth.

Build your business while we build your team.

We build teams of agile, innovative and driven Next Gen Talent ready to excel in a culture of fast pace, rapid iteration, and career growth. Our process is designed to:

  • Expand your Talent Reach
  • Align Career focused talent with your unique Culture
  • Amplify your Employer Brand Voice
  • Reduce Time to Hire, while increasing Talent Retention

Recruitment support where you need it.

Permanent Placement

Need to make individual hires? We find you elite talent and you only pay for the ones you hire. Fees are based on a percentage of your hire's guaranteed income. Each hire comes with our replacement guarantee!

Team Talent Acquisition

Need to hire 5 or more professionals in the same role? Our Team Pack fees are based on a percentage of your hire's guaranteed income, come with a replacement guarantee, and have volume discounts.

Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

Building out your team over a specific timeline? Outsource your talent acquisition in a cost effective way. Our RaaS fees are based on a monthly fee combined with a reduced percentage of guaranteed income. Contract terms are flexible and begin at 3 months.

Campus Recruitment

Looking to source new talent directly from leading universities? Our Campus Recruiting builds your employer brand on campuses while connecting your team with the best and brightest.

"Working with Upwardly to fill my team vacancies has been an excellent experience!

Upwardly takes the time to really understand our role requirements and the type of individual we are looking for, beyond the basic skills and experience match, that will be aligned to our business culture and values. Then their team goes to work to find great candidates that really fit your profile.

Their approach is professional, friendly, and they bring a sense of urgency to ensure you fill your vacancies as quickly as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Upwardly team!"

"After months of failing to fill our job openings ourselves, we decided to work with Upwardly. Right from our first conversation, we felt that their team had a better understanding of the job market and the type of talent we were looking for. Flash forward a few months and we’ve just completed our 18th hire with Upwardly… We finally have the team we need for the future we face. "

"We’ve used recruitment agencies in the past and were always left with a bad taste in our mouths- not to mention a heavy bill to pay. Upwardly completely changed that. Their client experience is world-class and their execution is even better. If you’re looking to add amazing talent to your team quickly, look no further, Upwardly is the answer."

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